The fireplace almost always becomes the centre of any room which has one. It’s a good space to organize a recreation area, placing pieces of furniture in such a way that they are facing the hearth, which is the focus of warmth and home comfort. Let’s look at a few ideas and techniques to see how you can decorate the area around the fireplace.

1. Create a masterpiece at the design stage

If you start to think about the question of decoration at an early stage of the project, you have a unique opportunity to make the fireplace a real masterpiece. Using original design and unusual surfaces, you can turn the fireplace area into the most important and brightest decorative element in the room. You will just need to emphasize it with a few details, or you might even choose to leave it without any décor at all.

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Another year has passed and it was one which brought us many amazing moments, discoveries and trends. Let us, however, assume that this forthcoming year, 2017, will be just as productive and full of design and, in particular, décor. You should expect more commitment to everything nature(Note how much more intense saturated green shades become interiors when they are supplemented by shimmering metal elements and furniture made of dark wood. It immediately gives the feeling of a special and ancient decadent spirit in the whole space.)

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With so much to do every day, people do not have enough time to remember the need to have a rest at the end of it. We are passionate about the process of achieving our goals, and we rarely remember that we once loved to read, draw, play chess, just engage in simple and pleasant activities, just take a break sometimes and do nothing more than enjoy life and what there is in it. Books, board games or a favourite creative activity, certainly deserve our attention.

Create a cosy nook

Before getting started on the design of the lounge area, you need to find a suitable location for it. Naturally, it needs to be a place which is a set a little apart from the rest of the house, even if it’s actually within one of the other rooms (living room, bedroom, office).

So, you can organize a reading area if:

  • You have an attic or mezzanine floor;
  • There is a room where the window sills are quite wide;
  • There are unused and very deep corners;
  • You always dreamed of a hammock or a hanging chair;
  • You inherited a luxurious rocking chair;
  • The house has a cosy nook.

Of course, the place intended for reading and resting should help to focus the mind, therefore we recommend that you take some time to make the right choice. It’s also best to avoid placing such an area near the kitchen, playroom or children’s room (unless you organize a similar area for the children themselves).

It is worth noting that the chosen reading place should get plenty of natural light, which is why a free spot beside the window is often chosen.

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A person who is not involved in the world of design can find it difficult to choose a suitable style for interior decoration, because some of them have points of commonality with each other, which is why confusion arises: materials need to be matched correctly and colours must not be too flashy as this recalls another, similar approach.

Taking living rooms as an example, we’ll compare the features of various interior styles which can be confused with each other and also tell you how to learn to distinguish loft from grunge or eclecticism from the Bohemian style.

Learning to distinguish between similar interior styles

Minimalism and Contemporary

These modern styles have become widespread in different countries due to the fact that they are accessible to people on all levels of income. They provide the foundation for a simple and comfortable environment without complicated details, colour transitions or rare materials.

Common features:

Minimalism and contemporary have similar features, for example, the interior is furnished with furniture in simple geometric shapes of a fairly large size, inexpensive materials are used for the lining and the basic furnishings are all in neutral shades.


Minimalism implies a laconic style and extreme simplicity in everything. The restraint of the silhouettes can be counterbalanced by good texture and contrasting combinations of pure colours: white and black, grey and red. Decorative accessories are almost never used in a minimalist interior, leaving free space is part of the ascetic.

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It’s amazing how the arrival of spring is able to change everything around us, including most people’s thoughts and moods. This is thanks to the special, comforting, atmosphere and the way nature is bursting back to life. Days are longer, the air is brisk, clean and warm, the colours around us seem to bloom, inspiring us to make changes to our interiors. A spring refresh can begin with the reorganization of a space, or you can try out a change to the colour palette, which will also have a very positive impact on the atmosphere in the room in question.

Grey + pink + copper

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Creating an interior of a bedroom suite is an very personal and quite delicate mission. The furniture, colors, decor and accessories options must be refined carefully and chosen cautiously. Only a diligent attitude will guarantee that the bedroom for newlyweds will be a cozy nest, but not devoid of modernity and fully deprived of vulgarity and coarseness at the same time.

In this article we’ll focus on answering the question of how to create awesome room for newly-weds concepts. Help yourself with professional recommendations to make your wedding night and honeymoon special and enjoy the atmosphere of love and affection. A stunning design will make its contribution into establishing harmonious relations in the young family, full of passion and thrill to each other.

Bedroom for newlyweds

Bedroom for newlyweds

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Small Kitchen Ideas

Unfortunately, not every apartment can boast a spacious kitchen. However, a seasoned designer will argue that despite the importance of square meters, clever use of space is something that really matters. Small kitchen may be comfortable, beautiful and functional at the same time, though the design plan needs to take into account some recommendations, features and rules for small floor space. Help yourself with a generous portion of professional recommendations on how to create the kitchen design of your dreams.

small kitchen design

Small Kitchen Design

Planning the kitchen area

Speaking of a small kitchen, one should keep in mind that the area of less than 8 square meters is meant. In most cases, tiny kitchens have a square or rectangular form. If you are looking to have a major overhaul of apartment and want to slightly increase the area of the kitchen area, you can slightly change the layout and merge the cook room with your living room. In this case, the door in the kitchen can be either removed completely, or replaced by an arched opening. The absence of doors will visually enhance the kitchen area; in addition, it will allow moving some kitchen furniture to another room.

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