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Creating an interior of a bedroom suite is an very personal and quite delicate mission. The furniture, colors, decor and accessories options must be refined carefully and chosen cautiously. Only a diligent attitude will guarantee that the bedroom for newlyweds will be a cozy nest, but not devoid of modernity and fully deprived of vulgarity and coarseness at the same time.

In this article we’ll focus on answering the question of how to create awesome room for newly-weds concepts. Help yourself with professional recommendations to make your wedding night and honeymoon special and enjoy the atmosphere of love and affection. A stunning design will make its contribution into establishing harmonious relations in the young family, full of passion and thrill to each other.

Bedroom for newlyweds

Bedroom for newlyweds

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Small Kitchen Ideas

Unfortunately, not every apartment can boast a spacious kitchen. However, a seasoned designer will argue that despite the importance of square meters, clever use of space is something that really matters. Small kitchen may be comfortable, beautiful and functional at the same time, though the design plan needs to take into account some recommendations, features and rules for small floor space. Help yourself with a generous portion of professional recommendations on how to create the kitchen design of your dreams.

small kitchen design

Small Kitchen Design

Planning the kitchen area

Speaking of a small kitchen, one should keep in mind that the area of less than 8 square meters is meant. In most cases, tiny kitchens have a square or rectangular form. If you are looking to have a major overhaul of apartment and want to slightly increase the area of the kitchen area, you can slightly change the layout and merge the cook room with your living room. In this case, the door in the kitchen can be either removed completely, or replaced by an arched opening. The absence of doors will visually enhance the kitchen area; in addition, it will allow moving some kitchen furniture to another room.

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Oak Furniture Kitchen
Which of the trees is characterized by such qualities as power, strength, sturdiness, durability and resistance? Oak, the answer, is, perhaps, too obvious. But why is it particularly valued among both customers and manufacturers? Let’s dig to the essence and learn what stands behind its outstanding reputation.

The role of wood as a building material in the history of mankind is truly enormous. One can safely say that the tree played the role of an engine of progress. Even in the ancient times oak symbolized wisdom, luck and longevity.

In the Middle Ages, during the rapid development of navigation and trade relations, oak was taken advantage of in shipbuilding, mainly due to its outstanding waterproof qualities. A wave of oak spread in the furniture industry started gaining momentum since the Middle ages as well. The use of oak can tell whether an interior is preserved in Gothic or Romanesque style. Oak materials have successfully preserved the legacy that left by our ancestors.

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Pine furniture is affordable, looks fresh and sold in virtually any sort of interior. This type boasts an increased environmental friendliness, since the pine wood is exposed to lower chemical treatment during the production. These are just a couple of reasons that make pine furniture deservedly popular, and a closer look reveals even more positive moments. So let us uncover the microscope, initiate a 3D overview of pine furniture in modern and trendy interiors, and pay close attention to a variety of possible pine combinations, its noteworthy strong suits and mistakes to avoid when creating an interior look and feel.

Pine properties

Pine furniture is overwhelmingly designed as massive constructions, with thick, typically up to 2 inches, tops, shelves and legs. This is explained by the nature of the pine wood – very soft and pretty loose; thin and graceful articles are out of its purpose scope.

Thus, for example, oak furniture, being a dense hardwood, allows carving lovely tables with cabriole thin shelves that keep the weight off, while the table made of pine must have a thick table top and thick strong legs to ensure strength and manage the load safely and carefully.

For this reason, pine furniture is oftentimes associated with protozoan design – concise forms, the minimum or complete absence of fretwork and so on. Yet this is neither a tradition, nor a trend, but rather a rational and efficient use of pine properties. Therefore, pine furniture is almost always more massive, bulky and having less usable area than hardwood or modern synthetic pieces of furniture.

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