Choosing a stylish colour combination for the bedroom

It’s amazing how the arrival of spring is able to change everything around us, including most people’s thoughts and moods. This is thanks to the special, comforting, atmosphere and the way nature is bursting back to life. Days are longer, the air is brisk, clean and warm, the colours around us seem to bloom, inspiring us to make changes to our interiors. A spring refresh can begin with the reorganization of a space, or you can try out a change to the colour palette, which will also have a very positive impact on the atmosphere in the room in question.

Grey + pink + copper

The combination has become classic and hence it heads up our list of colour combinations for the bedroom. The shades can be used on walls and bedding, supplementing light grey and gentle pink with shiny brass accessories (lighting, décor)

White + blue

A win-win combination of natural white and cobalt colours will create a feeling of marine freshness, visually expand the space in a small bedroom and, in general, will always look up-to-date.

It is best to use this colour scheme for south-facing bedrooms, as the colours will “cool” it. In addition to white and blue, you can also use warm chocolate, cinnamon or ochre accessories (carpet, rugs, pillows).

Shades of white + yellow + black

Against the background of pure shades of white and warm sunny yellow, black should be used only as an accent colour and in small quantities. It is black which emphasizes and balances the combination of light colours and makes the bedroom more graphic and stylish. Use the dark colour in small portions to create slight accents (frames for posters, a pattern on the pillows

Achromatic palette + emerald + azure

Yes, using this kind of colour combination in a bedroom interior is unexpected, but at the same time it’s incredibly stylish, fresh and upbeat. It’s recommended for those who are used to changing their image every season, and choosing colour combinations to suit their mood, or according to the time of year.

Against a background of white, grey and black, fresh cool shades of greens and azure can be used abundantly, choose them for textiles such as curtains, bedding and accessories.

Cool and warm shades

For example, you can combine blue and tangerine (terracotta), since such a contrast necessarily creates a positive effect. The cool blue creates a peaceful atmosphere, and the warm terracotta (ochre, Sicilian orange) harmoniously complements and enlivens the bedroom interior.

Kaleidoscopic colours

You can move away from everyday standards and decorate the bedroom with explosive, but very positive combinations of different shades of greens, pink, light and dark blue, turquoise and violet. Blending into a single whole, they will harmoniously take root in any room, especially when the spring is tapping at the window and the soul is begging for more colour.

Mysterious ultramarine + natural greens + shades of chocolate

The combination of blue and brown looks stylish, restrained and versatile, so it is often chosen by people of different ages, sex and levels of disposable income. This combination of shades suits bedrooms perfectly, because each of the colours is natural and pleasing to the eye.

Black + white + malachite + gold

The combination of black and white, complemented by bright shades, is both surprising and delicate at the same time. Therefore, even a modest minimalist bedroom interior will look expensive if you use these colours in its design.

White + black + gold

If you want to design the bedroom in a way which is original but not sentimental, try using black and white as your main colour palette, and complementing these shades with a warm golden hue. If you also choose a clear graphic pattern for textiles and/or wall decorations, then the effect will be doubled, and your bedroom will undoubtedly become one of the most stylish rooms in the house.

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