Oak Furniture Kitchen
Which of the trees is characterized by such qualities as power, strength, sturdiness, durability and resistance? Oak, the answer, is, perhaps, too obvious. But why is it particularly valued among both customers and manufacturers? Let’s dig to the essence and learn what stands behind its outstanding reputation.

The role of wood as a building material in the history of mankind is truly enormous. One can safely say that the tree played the role of an engine of progress. Even in the ancient times oak symbolized wisdom, luck and longevity.

In the Middle Ages, during the rapid development of navigation and trade relations, oak was taken advantage of in shipbuilding, mainly due to its outstanding waterproof qualities. A wave of oak spread in the furniture industry started gaining momentum since the Middle ages as well. The use of oak can tell whether an interior is preserved in Gothic or Romanesque style. Oak materials have successfully preserved the legacy that left by our ancestors.

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