7 ideas to refresh your flat for spring

Spring is the season when beauty comes to life, it’s a time of change in the natural world and a time for life to be renewed and refreshed. If you really want to feel the arrival of spring, then you need to let it into your house. All it takes is a few updates to the interior to add a note of spring to it.

Let the house breathe freely!

The first step to refreshing your home is to get it really clean!  Sort out your spring cleaning, wash your windows, air your rooms and get rid of your old clutter.  Go through all your drawers and cupboards.  You will feel better for getting rid of your unwanted possessions and you will immediately notice how much easier it is to breathe!

Bring in new colour

It’s really important to change your colour palette. We want to update rooms with fresh and warm colours. Choosing the right colour palette for your spring refresh is crucial, because certain colours are particularly associated with this time of year. Characteristic shades include yellow, green, mint, light pink and soft blue. You don’t have to choose eye-popping colours. You’ll be surprised how your house will be transformed just by using gentle tones throughout the interior! It’s not about making big changes, such as wallpaper or furniture, it’s about little details like the curtains in the kitchen, a vase of flowers, decorative cushions, accessories… You can also arrange deep bowls with juicy green apples in various different rooms. At the start of spring, we are short of vitamins and appreciate a reminder of the juicy gifts of nature.

Let the house blossom

Flowers not only make a house feel more cosy, but also heal the microclimate, filling the air with oxygen and creating a positive mood. To get the best visual effect from your indoor plants, you need to decide where best to place them. There are a lot of interesting pots for flowers – both pendant and openwork. For owners who want something a little more unusual, try a “florarium”. It is a kind of “aquarium” for plants. You can use them to create live compositions which grow in transparent containers. These compositions can become a real highlight of any interior.

Put a touch of spring onto your walls

Bold, bright colours change the décor of the room and breathe new life into your home, which will become more bright and vibrant.

Another, more relaxed option, is to use interior stickers, which you can buy, for example on Amazon. There are more and more options every day, you can plant your walls with beautiful flowers, silhouettes of far-away butterflies, designer figures, lush trees, unusual shelves, watches… Last but not least, what could be more beautiful than a collage of your favourite photos above a table?

Breakfast in the garden

Do you want to make the most of that spring feeling without leaving home? Breakfast in the garden is a win-win option. Wicker chairs, a rustic tablecloth, a vase of flowers – what could be better to create a sense of springtime peace? Open the windows, let in the invigorating fragrance of spring, brew some herbal tea, slow down your rhythm – and it’s ready! Spring is no longer just in your home, but in you!

Dishes as décor

Brighten up boring monochrome dishes with bright colour accents – amuse yourself with a mug with a colour print, a bright green salad bowl, glasses with colourful stems… You will be surprised how it will radically change the mood of the room, push its boundaries, fill it with sunlight and heat.

Bright and different in form and style, dishes can look great in the kitchen, as though spring came in through the window and painted the kitchen.

Economical changes

Changing the interior of a flat doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can change your living space at practically no cost. After all, updating an interior isn’t about undertaking repairs – it’s much more important to place bright accents. Moreover, you probably already have much of what you need. There are cupboards full of unused stuff in almost every flat – always give them a second chance! In addition, large chain stores offer many quality finds for your home at very affordable prices.

The phrase “spring interior” should always be taken to mean “joyful interior.” The rooms in your home can contribute to lifting your mood. So let’s help our flats refresh their look for spring!

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