How to decorate your mantelpiece

The fireplace almost always becomes the centre of any room which has one. It’s a good space to organize a recreation area, placing pieces of furniture in such a way that they are facing the hearth, which is the focus of warmth and home comfort. Let’s look at a few ideas and techniques to see how you can decorate the area around the fireplace.

1. Create a masterpiece at the design stage

If you start to think about the question of decoration at an early stage of the project, you have a unique opportunity to make the fireplace a real masterpiece. Using original design and unusual surfaces, you can turn the fireplace area into the most important and brightest decorative element in the room. You will just need to emphasize it with a few details, or you might even choose to leave it without any décor at all.

2. Use logs

Logs are perhaps the most natural form of décor for the area near the fireplace. Carefully cut firewood, which has been cleaned of dust and dirt, can be laid in a special niche near the fireplace or in the furnace, if the fireplace is only for decoration. If you like, you can use decorative branches for the same purposes.

3. Insert mirrors and reflective surfaces

Mirrored surfaces always look very effective in an interior and the area around the fireplace is no exception. You could line the wall on which the fireplace is located with reflective panels, they can be any size at your discretion. A simpler option would be to hang a finished mirror in a beautiful frame above the mantel. Depending on the style of the interior, you could choose a mirror with a patina, a classic mirror or a modern mirror, with a 3D effect and three-dimensional elements.

4. Complete the composition with candles

Candles, as another source of heat and light, will complement a fireplace perfectly. You can use several of them, placing them in beautiful candlesticks. You can also use stand-alone candles, and if you put them in a block of 20 or more pieces, you can achieve an amazing effect. In this case, it is best to use candles, which are, if not identical, then at least from one collection and similar in colour and shape.

5. Arrange the décor symmetrically

Whatever the décor, arranging objects in symmetrical pairs will create a very distinctive atmosphere. It is static, instils a sense of stability and creates a very balanced space. You can mirror any interior objects in the fireplace area – shelves, racks, chests of drawers, books, figurines, vases and so on.

6. Line the wall and the mantelpiece with pictures

Many people love to decorate the area around the fireplace with pictures. This can mean a few small pictures, or one picture of an impressive size. They can be hung on the walls, or simply put on the mantelpiece. In this case, make sure that they fit in with the décor and that other décor elements do not cover the picture itself. Also, you can use family photos and prints, or just assemble a collection of empty frames and create a zone around the fireplace.

7. Fill the niches and shelves

If the fireplace itself and the mantelpiece above it are not enough to satisfy your imagination when it comes to decoration, you can make good use of the shelves or niches on either side of the fireplace, if there are any. Place books, figurines, photographs, candles, dishes and other interesting details on them.

8. Use vases and statuettes

It can be nice to put several larger-scale décor elements in the hearth area. These can be figurines (Thai Buddha Decorative Head Ornament) or vases( Dark Silver  Vase Ornament Trio). If you use several items from one collection or even the same items, you will give a sense of integrity and completeness to the composition.

When designing a fireplace, always remember the most important rule – it is always the centre of the composition. That’s why you should not try to eclipse the fireplace with other artsy elements. Just enhance its charm appropriately with suitable décor.

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