The interior trends you’ll be loving in 2017

Another year has passed and it was one which brought us many amazing moments, discoveries and trends. Let us, however, assume that this forthcoming year, 2017, will be just as productive and full of design and, in particular, décor. You should expect more commitment to everything nature(Note how much more intense saturated green shades become interiors when they are supplemented by shimmering metal elements and furniture made of dark wood. It immediately gives the feeling of a special and ancient decadent spirit in the whole space.)


Surprisingly, the latest trends combine with each other largely thanks to the colour scheme. So, for example, terracotta (as a colour) is back in vogue, and when complemented by beautiful natural greenery, it becomes a fresh and natural solution for decorating the kitchen, bathroom or living room.

It’s worth noting that one of the characteristic features of terracotta is that it creates a cosy and warm atmosphere even in modern minimalist housing within a city.

Dark woods

Light shades of wood, undoubtedly have been and are in demand in interior decoration, because they help to create a feeling of spaciousness in small rooms, and make the space light, eco-friendly and warm at the same time.

At the same time, dark woods are recovering their former popularity, endowing interiors with the consistency, quality and beauty of the natural brown, black and chocolate shades of this valuable material. In the forthcoming year 2017, using dark woods when decorating houses and apartments will introduce new aesthetics to them.

Simple soft headboards

These days, curving, intricate headboards have lost their appeal, as purity of lines is valued above any excesses. So, a simple square, rectangular or slightly rounded headboard, neatly upholstered with velvety fabric or flax, looks stylish and elegant, but suitable for the restrained interiors of bedrooms, and also for grander rooms.

Safari chic

We understand that deciding to furnish even one of the rooms in a flat in such as style – is quite bold and unexpected. As you know, however, everything unusual and catchy automatically attracts attention, creating a new unique image.

So, interiors in this “desert” style contain green and terracotta shades, which means that this design can be called one of the most trendy solutions in the design of 2017.

The atmosphere may be complemented by live cacti and agaves (as well as pictures of them), stylized ornaments, Moroccan motifs, prints, maps and panoramic photographs of savannahs and deserts.

Second life

Nowadays, people are increasingly inclined to choose more sustainable ideas for decoration, and so-called one-day trends and fast fashion have lost most of their fans.

So, finding both a new use and a new look for familiar objects will be key this year, and will be a way to transform your immediate environment. For example, retro suitcases and chests can be used as tables around a group of sofas, or as an Ottoman at the foot of a bed in a bedroom.

We particularly like to create and experiment with fragments of natural wood (logs, stumps, twigs), because they can literally change a situation in the shortest possible time, filling the air with the scents of the forest.

In the days of technological progress, it is only natural that people start to search for balance and turning to past trends and handicrafts becomes an integral part of modern design.

Folk crafts

Don’t ignore the fruits of folk arts and crafts for the simple reason that today they are viewed as stylish examples of design. In the near future, authentic embroidery, knitted items and individual woven fabrics will become especially popular among admirers of unique items which can fill a house with the characteristic charm of handwork, rather than mass-produced objects.

Mindfulness of nooks

Houses in which the layout makes it possible to “ring fence” secluded places, separated from the main premises (we are not talking about wardrobes or storerooms) will soon become especially in demand. These are “corners” in which you can briefly, but still completely, disconnect from the outside world, filled with technical innovations and the fast-pace of progress.

“Oases of silence and tranquillity” can be created out of bay windows, deep niches, mezzanines or attics, they need to be arranged in a simple, comfortable and rustic manner, using ordinary pieces of furniture, without any ornamentation, textiles made of natural fabrics, wool rugs or fur coats, colourful cushions and bookshelves. The main rule is that this place needs to be completely free of all electrical appliances, except lighting.

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